We’ve been ‘home’ for about 2 weeks and when friends have asked us how our trip was, we’re finding it hard to explain. Yes, we were able to express about our time with our friends but it seems less and less like a foreign place where we need to process what we’ve seen/experienced/done. It seems more like Seattle. Gone for a bit to visit those we love and are back in Portland again. We feel like no re-entry processing is needed.

We are, however, fortunate that we didn’t have any problems with the time difference. We were able to pick up right from where we left. I can remember a friend asking me if it was difficult at all coming back to Portland.

I was internally surprised. Well yes, obviously, we wish we were living in Krakow right now…but it’s become more familiar to make this trip that it seems to get easier and easier.

One hard part is that here, we are not able to visit with our Polish friends like we were able to this trip. Who knows, maybe the next trip will be with visas and tons of suitcases! 🙂

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