There is a harvest

Krakow October 2008

There are three “mile stones” for us to pass before we leave the USA for Poland.  The first is to grow our family, we hope to have one more child before leaving, if we end up being fully fund-raised and w/o another child, then we’ll probably move to Poland and grow our family in the field.  The second mile stone is getting enough monthly donors to commit to 120% of our living and ministry budgets, currently we need an average of $30/month from 187 more donors. Lastly is having our deployment fund raised, which includes emergency money, three months of reserves, first month of living/ministry costs, moving costs, etc.

But those are all details that don’t really matter without a heart and vision for the harvest.  There is a harvest of souls, a population of people who are at the best unsure of their faith, and at the worst completely fed up with the “system”. Yes, the same is true here in America, but what’s not true in Poland is that there are not churches in every town and neighborhood, the opportunity for someone to even hear or know of someone filled with God’s saving grace can be summed up in this bit of trivia…

In Krakow, the first city we plan on living in, there is a population of more than 2 million (similar in size to Portland, OR) – there are about 12 churches, and a dozen or so other para-church (protestant) organizations doing works in the city.  Of those groups, it’s estimated there are about 1,000 to 2,000 believers in the entire metro area of Krakow.  In Portland, OR (a city known to be “un-churched”) there are over 20 churches of 1,000 or more people in attendance each week.

There is a harvest.  Hear us LORD, send us.





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  • My daughter is in Poland. I was married to a Polish woman. We are divorced, but I love my daughter. Now I am concerned about my daughter’s salvation. Can you help me? She lives in Warsaw. Is there any way we can get the gospel to her? Can we have some Polish baptists visit her? This is so important to me.

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