Polish Preschool hunting

It’s that time of year again….preschool hunting. I know you, like us, look for the best schools for your children. Their education is very important. So as we look between different local schools we are anxiously looking at the Polish school we talked about Emma attending last year.

We were not able to sign her up and commit to the different requirements of us as parents, but this year we are on board with anything they ask. One fabulous requirement of a parent is to being the coffee/tea and cakes once a month.  How awesome is that? You know I’ll be working on some Polish recipes.

But what we love so much is the overall Polish feel and well…world we jump into. They speak only Polish at the school, teach Polish holidays, history and culture. Exciting! It is only on the weekends so it’s a supplement to the other preschool she’ll be going to. I’m nervous for Emma and how overwhelming it will feel for her. But am confident she will pick up the language quickly and meet some new dear girl friends.

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