The bottom line

So often I (Travis) find myself jealous of other¬†missionaries¬†serving in places like Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East, South America, etc… these are places I call “the sexy” mission field, there’s a certain automatic¬†appeal¬†about these places. ¬†Generally (and very generally) people (mostly Americans) associate this appeal with either Islam, third world, or poverty. All[…]

Chris and Travis

We were able to take some pictures of each other while at our last visit. I think you can totally see the friendship the two of them have with each other. It’s awesome. It helps also, that I was behind the camera saying ridiculous things to make them laugh. There is nothing more¬†beautiful¬†than a natural[…]


We’ve been ‘home’ for about 2 weeks and when friends have asked us how our trip was, we’re finding it hard to explain. Yes, we were able to express about our time with our friends but it seems less and less like a foreign place where we need to process what we’ve seen/experienced/done. It seems[…]