We’re all disciple makers.


These faces and many like them are the future, in this case they are the future of Poland and beyond. These two little girls also need discipleship, and for them it will be through their parents who are challenged with raising children in a world full of confusion, distrust, and false hope. We truly believe in the idea going above our tithe and supporting other disciple makers, in Turkey, Poland, South Africa, and the general long term missions fund at our sending church we are excited to be part of those teams making new disciples around the world. Discipleship is the key, I squirm when I witness people who are wooed by good words and a program and give an emotional call to action to “be saved” – for many this is a legitimate step into becoming a disciple, and for many more they fall through the cracks and never experience the beautiful exchange of Kingdom community, love, and the power of Christ moving in people’s lives.

As we move forward with raising our own support team the challenge is communicating the fact that those on the team are truly making a difference, their financial sacrifice is indeed helping make disciples in Poland, who we have been promised will go from Poland to other places throughout the world! It has been a long eight years since hearing the LORD call me (Travis) and later us back to Poland, and yet these eight years have been incredible in the depth and Love Jesus has shown us throughout amazing joyful times and terrible tragedies.

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