Who are you?

Dear friends in Christ,

With the pending miracle of the birth of our new daughter Elena Sofia sometime around November 1st, we have been reflecting on God’s identity and the story of our lives to date. It is imparative that you and I (Travis) are aware of how God is always working to define and refine our character and identity, I believe he rejoices in the slow and methodical work he sees in us each day. Our identity is so much more than simply what we do! We are his children, and that is the most important part of our identity! The consequences of this are complete and total freedom for you, for me, for all that continue to seek and love Jesus. The children of the king have an irevocable inheritance, and this means living in the kingdom, now, and forever… not some untangible future.

I want to encourage you to allow this definition to dwell in you, through you, and for you to be baptized by it… in the biblical greek the word “baptizo”, which was a common word for fully dyeing, and soaking textiles until the color was evenly dispersed… these textiles would be used for clothing, in essence to make an identity. My prayer is that you allow yourself to be changed from the inside out, allow his identity well up a new fantastic and unexpected story for yourself and those around you! This is our heart and prayer for everyone we encounter, from those who follow us, support us, and to those in Poland and who are walking in their own adventure. Because of Christ we have an epic story ahead of us and you as well, lean into Him, His body, and listen for His love.

Peace to you in this upcoming season, may each day be a step towards fulfilling the call He has upon you.

Love, Elena, Emma, Alexis, and Travis

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