Watch out for the dragons!


Yes, there are dragons of all kinds in Poland, particularly Kraków… although I’ve only seen two, the one above which spews water… and another one near by which at one point use to breath fire if you sent him a text message!

Then there is the most real dragon of all, the enemy to our God’s kingdom, the kingdom we pray for, work in, and fight for souls to enter. This dragon has created a counter kingdom of lies, false hopes, and confusion. He’s very real across the world, and he is certainly real in Poland as well. Just as much as you know him in your own life, he tweaks with the lives of our friends in Poland as well. The history and hurt across Poland is difficult to sum up in a single blog post, but it is something which few Americans can ever begin to understand, including us. We pray for clarity, hope in Jesus, and love which causes the everlasting peace of the Father to transcend the places in our hearts that our lack of cultural experience blinds us to.

Our biggest prayer is that we begin to see movement of Polish leaders, young and old, rich and poor, educated and not, who are full of God’s passion, love, and heart to expand His kingdom. Our desire is to encourage, empower, and provide support where grace and mercy abound, and love is what makes it all come together. May we truly REACH people who come to know the Father as their personal well spring to life, both here, and for eternity.

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