Disappointment and crickets.


One of the things that we struggle with a lot is seeing people (especially our friends and other Christians) buy things which probably are not “needed” – yes that’s a judgement call, and we’re fine that people are buying un-needed things, but what bugs us is that we see this and yet no desire to support us… yup I said it… awkward now!  However I’ve (Travis) come to realize this isn’t a dig on us, at all, nor is it some sign of an immature Christian. It really is simply waiting for God to work in the people who he puts in our lives, people who are challenged to sacrifice for the Kingdom.

Over time our frustrations have quieted down and the “that’s frustrating – o – meter” has also stayed low, yet when I really think about it I realize I’m disappointed. I think it’s only natural though, you can only bleed your heart so much and “not be upset” by mediocre response for so long. Yet! I’m more excited now than ever, to ask and be rejected/ignored/deferred than ever before because I know those things don’t matter anymore… what we’re called to do will happen and the people of Poland will have one more missionary family to season the soil!

There’s been hundreds of emails, phone calls, personal letters written with nothing but the sound of crickets as a response… some might say those are signs to change our plan, stay in America, I say it means the Lord has had us waiting. There’s life to live here, and there’s no use in getting our panties in a bunch over our non-responsive culture – keep on knocking we shall!

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