Relfection on worship

Sometimes I let the “jadedness” of the church, my generation, and the world get into my thoughts, and I can be pretty critical and unable to enjoy worship services. But, when my heart is in the right place, I am overwhelmed by God’s glory. I can not help but to worship him with abandonment.

Tonight could have been one of those nights, we went to church, and I was feeling okay, a bit tired from a long day. So I prayed that my heart be soft, and that I accept the Church and its people for everything that they are, both wrong, right, and indifferent – who am I anyway to judge those things, I’m to love, and be loved – and that is something our church body knows how to do.

As we worshiped, then alter took communion, I was once again humbled, once again reminded of the fact that we will leave this place, these people, and travel halfway around the world to serve and worship in another tongue and culture. That is when I am overcome with emotions that I can’t explain, both excitement and grief, loss and purpose.

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