Starbucks and Church

I’m sitting in a Starbucks here in Gresham, had devotion time with Marcus.  In the few hours I’ve been here I’ve overheard at least four different conversations around me… all people discussing ministry, mostly people in worship/music ministry.  So I began thinking, wow, here I am in one of the most “unchurched” states in the nation and multiple people, who probably don’t know each other, all serving the Lord in some way or another, enjoying fellowship.

Then I think about my friends in Poland, for them to hear a casual conversation from other Christians in a public place would be like finding a lost family member.  I’m amazed, thankful, grateful, and reminded of the calling we have in Poland.  A place where there are less evangelical works in the entire country than some Middle Eastern cities (see our Why Poland page).  I’m sure that in Oregon, with only a population close to 4 million, has more bible believing, walking with the Lord, Christians than the entire 40 million of Poland.

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