Saying goodbye

We have some friends who are leaving today, they are moving to Redmond, OR – their the same friends who had their baby boy just 10 hours before Emma arrived.  God has opened some amazing doors up for them, a new house, work, etc.

Gets me thinking about the final farewell we’ll have someday, although I know it’ll be a “see you later” kind of thing, it is hard to think about not being here when friends go through hard times, or good times.  The challenge of building new relationships that are as close and deep (and going deeper) is sometimes very hard to swallow.  Just some thoughts.

One thought on “Saying goodbye”

  • Travis, here is a word of encouragement, it is doable, God will help for you guys to say good-bye and also for you to build new relationships in Poland. It is not easy but you can do it. I am a living testimony of this. It is hard but if you give it time and let God open the doors, things will be just great!

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