We are not the self-promoting kind of people, in fact, it is so hard for us to ask for donations, ask people to hear our hearts, yet all at once we know people won’t see it until they hear it. So we humble ourselves and keep a constant focus on fund raising. It is very[…]

August 15th Fund Raiser

As everyone is aware airline prices have been skyrocketing, and this has affected our budget for our trip in October to Poland. We have always had a contingency built into our budget, but now we are in need of increasing that. Right now our trip has increased from $1,500 a person to $1,800 and each[…]

What will we do in October?

Our passions that we would like to bring to the younger generation revolve around small group ministry. We have been using John and Sonja Decker’s book “Holy Spirit Empowered Small Groups” in our own home group, and have seen amazing results with our group going and growing deeper in ways that un-hide our shame and[…]

Furniture in Poland

Looks like Poland doesn’t have a shortage of furniture, at least we know we’ll have plenty to choose from. Poland is third largest furniture exporter in Europe Warsaw, Poland July 21, 2008 Poland is the third largest furniture exporter in the EU, after Germany and Italy. Last year, Poland exported more than EUR 4.4 bln[…]

Saying goodbye

We have some friends who are leaving today, they are moving to Redmond, OR – their the same friends who had their baby boy just 10 hours before Emma arrived.  God has opened some amazing doors up for them, a new house, work, etc. Gets me thinking about the final farewell we’ll have someday, although[…]

Starbucks and Church

I’m sitting in a Starbucks here in Gresham, had devotion time with Marcus.  In the few hours I’ve been here I’ve overheard at least four different conversations around me… all people discussing ministry, mostly people in worship/music ministry.  So I began thinking, wow, here I am in one of the most “unchurched” states in the[…]

Grand opening – Welcome!

Welcome to REACH Polska, this new blog/website is the home of all things related to our family and Poland missions. I’m sure there will be some tweaks, so explore, take a look, leave comments, and stay tuned for much more content. For your information we now officially have 5 people joining us on our October[…]


As you can tell, there is much to do around here.  This blog will be for Alexis and I to write our thoughts, ideas, upcoming events, current events, etc… all about our Poland missions. Stay tuned for more information.  For now you can visit Travis’ blog. Thanks!