Grandpa’s Cafe

We’re going to Grandpa’s cafe, it’s a Polish cafe in Portland, just below the Polish community association library, and across the street from the Polish catholic church, tonight! Great food, cash only, but cheap!  Google’s street view is a bit outdated as it doesn’t show the stairs and door leading to the cafe under the[…]

A whole community in need…

I just read a very interesting article in The Oregonian, it seems the Portland area christian Slavic community is struggling with integration.  One of the comments on the article comes from someone who moved from Portland to Kraków, he has an interesting point of view, although not from a Christian worldview, but fairly healthy.  Shows that[…]

Fund raising update

We’re VERY close to our next big hurrdle!  On Monday we must pay the remaining balance of our airfare on five of the 7 tickets we need.  We are short by $406, and we have 3 days, we lose our deposit ($3,370) if we don’t pay the remaining balance by Monday.  The last two tickets[…]

A dream

Last week I had a dream (in my sleep) that when I received the next account balance it was over $7,000, I’m believing it, and holding on to it.   I rarely remember my dreams, and this was fairly vivid. Another kind of dream that I have, is that our ministry never be there to support[…]