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I posted a while ago about walking in Duvall and how it felt like I was in Pride and Prejudice. Well we went back to Duvall this past weekend to visit Trav’s family and actually spend time with them instead of a ‘hi and good-bye’ kinda time. We relaxed, caught up on HGTV, went for a walk, and went out to Chinese. Trav’s parents really took advantage of the time Emma was there. They spoiled her without knowing it, showed her daddy’s old ‘vintage’ toys ( yeah Trav you’re OLD!), read old books to her and video recorded her doing practically everything . It was cute. And yes, Emma capitalized on it all- she ate enough blueberries to make her face blue and ate enough bunny cookies to begin growing a tail. :) Grandma and I went to Target to go fall shopping for Emma and it was great. Emma has some new fall items, but a favorite is a wonderful marshmallow snow outfit that we’re SO bringing to Poland in January.

~One highlight for me was taking her into the shower. We were short on time and all 3 of us needed cleaning before church. She overall did good. She more or less complained to me and used her words wonderfully telling me she didn’t want to be there. Boy, she was slippery. But everything went well and as Trav dried and changed her, I washed myself. (in cold water-*ugh)

For those of you who want the recipe for the pretzels, I’ll send them out asap today.

The horse barn

Grandpa and Emma

Daddy and Emma eating ice cream

Emma playing

Trav playing

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