Part 2 of Morning Adventures with Alexis

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OK, so we see tons of people standing in line and it totally feels like the day after Thanksgiving. Most are women with children in strollers, slings or backpacks. Most are members and are waiting for the free things the Zoo is ‘promoting’. So we split up while she goes to ask questions- she’s a good communicator…a.and I’m good at saving spots. lol. OK, so we stand in one of the three lines and shuffle our way through the entrance. But oh no, people are still racing and shoving their way to the Africa area with the new lions and cheetahs. We hurried there too to wait in yet another line (and get free bags and paper fliers*sigh) and finally enter the exhibit. (it wasn’t that bad, and I saw only one mom bite another to get ahead of her) (;) )

The lions were surprised to see people ( they have been getting used to their new home in peace) so they were really curious about the weird creatures that keep taking pictures of them and the little kids who looked like lunch.  My favorite were the cheetahs. They were so beautiful and sleek. I hope they have a lot of room to race around in. Well, that’s it! Enjoy the pictures and I’ll see you on Monday. (we’re in Seattle cause Trav’s high school youth group has a reunion)

I would name her 'Countess'

Mrs. Lion-Simba's mom?

Mr/Mrs Cheetah

One of my favorite animals of all time

Emma and the Cheetah

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