This week’s thoughts.

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  • Recovering from a long weekend, late night getting back from Seattle, and overall exhaustion… Bring on the … something. #
  • Why do I need a bathroom once I'm on MAX? #
  • Need to stop staying up late – makes for a bad morning. #
  • Today will be a day to beat my attitude/desires/mood into submission – by Jesus power. #
  • Okay, going to bed at a better time than the last two nights! Should be a good night's sleep. Wonder what great things I'll see tomorrow? #
  • Sweet I'm actually on the bus before 6:30! #
  • Another day of needing the bathroom on Max… ug. But hey I'm dry on here and it's wet out there. #
  • I have no idea what to say this morning? Whose got some wisdom to shafre today? #
  • Whose got some wisdom, fun facts, or something interesting to share this wonderful and overcast day? #
  • Had a good time at The Forge last night! (search for it on FB & become a fan to stay up to date). #
  • I think I may be fighting some kind of sickness – sore throat and nasal cavity… prayers from the prayer types much welcomed! #
  • Slow production day. But high quality… right? #
  • working from home on a weekend – not so bad – but not so good either :) #
  • Time for a nap or something – I will fight and win and conquer this cold. It's pretty weak at this point! #

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