Portland Polish Festival

We just came back from the Polish Festival and boy are we exhausted. It was a lot of fun though. Tons of amazing food, singing, dancing and little trinkets that people want to clutter their houses with…it was nice. We invited a few friends with us and they loved it! They especially liked all the authentic Polish beers. 😉

Enjoy all the pictures, I know there’s a lot. Some things that we have learned through this festival: our children will play with swords and shields not guns, Polish pastries are better than ours by a landslide, Alexis wants to learn their wedding dances, it is officially IMPOSSIBLE to not love their Baltic Sea Amber, Polish Cheese Pirogi will be served in heaven and lastly we are more than ever excited to be there again.

(*The picture of pretzels is for you Sabina. Whenever we are at your home you always have a trusty bag of pretzels that we all munch on. And when I saw these I smiled and thought of you 🙂

Travis and Emma


Famous Polish Pottery by the bucketfull!

Dishtowels for you vintage ladies. Quite cute if I do say so.

My lunch plus a large crunchy roll

Easter Palms

Easter Eggs

These are Easter eggs that are given on Easter. They are super beautiful and shiny in person.

Wooden Swords and shields- way too cool

Typical European scarfs


AMAZINGLY beautiful Baltic Sea Amber...one day I'll own something like this...

Beautiful outfits

Cotton Candy machine

Me posing

Total typical Polish yummie apple cake

American and Polish flag

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