This week’s thoughts.

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  • Getting ready for small group bowling night! Sweet! #
  • On my way home – this cold is right at the edge of "to work or not to work"… #
  • Sweet looks like I get to ride my first new MAX all the way home. Shall be good, I hope :) #
  • Of course this train is only going to Ruby Junction – at least it's close to home. #
  • A restful evening is ahead, yay – and MAX likes to change destination mid-route – at least this to where I need to go. #
  • Was feeling much better until I had to run to the bus stop… now I want water, a lot of water. #
  • Looks like I'm getting my co-workers sick… the boss lady has it now too. #
  • Working with the window open is nice, city sounds with trains in the distance (big trains that go other places, not MAX), and a nice breeze. #
  • Hoping to just veg out all night. #
  • Something strange with my bus route this morning – super late and an old bus. #
  • I have pretty much all of my surprise plans for Alexis are set in motion for December. #
  • Good night facebook land and twitterverse – something great is happening on Friday. #
  • Today's goals: Love my God and love the peeps, Journal, mull over some "whys" in my head, & complete most work tasks my noon. #
  • Hey Mr MAX operator of train 408 could you please tell us why we keep stopping for 5 min at a time?? #
  • Well at least I know how to use technology to my transit advantage to find the quickest way when "normal" isn't an option. #
  • We're going to the PDX Polish Fest tomorrow – come join us, great food, great dancing, fun, learn something new! #
  • Here we go! Something's coming @easthillchurchfamily #
  • Is it just me that thinks it's funny my bride cuts my PB&J sandwhich into small squares? She's the best. #
  • Had a great time at the PDX Polish Festival today – don't have anything to do tomororw? Check it out – #
  • I love Sunday mornings – lots of quiet time to think about God and life, and enjoy my family. #

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