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Knobb Hill in the Fall

Today is overcast and rain is off and on. Even though we haven’t ventured outside yet, and we will, we’ve had a fun time indoors. A few things stand out.

First: Emma has learned how to open all the drawers. Oh man…I was really hoping she wouldn’t care about that.*sigh. But of course she loves taking ALL the things out and then walk away like it will clean itself up. (my way of thinking too hehe)

Look what I can do mom!

Secondly, we have our local produce delivered to us (go here to see their amazing site) and in our latest produce box were mini kiwi. I have never seen/heard of them but here they are and of course Emma LOVES them. They have no fur or skinning needed. Just pop those little men in your mouth for a sweet tangy kiwi taste. I was amazed really. God is so creative.

eSee the kiwi seeds?

They're about the size of your thumb.

Teeni Kiwi

Lastly, I had a friend come over and she and I worked on a song I’m going to sign. I am SO excited about this because it’s 1 1/2 yrs in the making. I know God will do awesome things and move people’s hearts. It is a bit challenging though. Not just in signing (it’s way hard) but as a viewer, it’s not a nice cutsie song. It will challenge you for sure. She said that she will put it on u-tube so I’ll link to it whenever that is.  I apologize for the handwriting, I was in a hurry and didn’t think anyone else would be reading it.

Song being translated-what a slow process

~ What did you do today? Oh, and be sure to check out my blog on Saturday…I’ll be posting something really cool. No, not a giveaway, but soon I promise.

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