This week’s thoughts.

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  • It's Monday. That's all I have to say – it's going and moving like any other Monday – not too bad, not very cool either. #
  • Is doing a lot of thinking and is annoyed with how I feel – overwhelmed/frustrated, are the closest words to describe it, but not really. #
  • Some quality time with Emma can certainly change how I feel – now at least I'm motivated to write a little bit. #
  • Hey tweeps, for those that do the "Life Journal" thing – you can follow "them" on twitter and get your daily devo just follow @lifejournal #
  • Listening to a little Eric Hutchinson, working away, it's good, it is :) #
  • I've been riding the bus everyday since early august – today is the first rainy trip – is this Portland? #
  • Acts 4: Filled with boldness, giving glory to God, united in mission, and sharing everything. #
  • Acts 5: Fear the Lord, Obey the Spirit, Expect suffering, Rejoice for the sake of His truth in other's lives #
  • Woohoo, going home early! Fun times. #
  • Had a great date w/ the bride and baby girl, and now just kinda chillaxin' and talkin' #
  • I think all the rain for September and the first half of Oct is falling right now! #
  • Acts 6 & 7, a growing struggling Church with differences, resolve conflict and empowers others. Persecution emboldens the body and Church. #

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