This week’s thoughts.

Travis wrote the following on his blog, Living as a foreigner . To comment and read his original post Click here. Trying to get some work done (so the surpriise in December can happen) – but I'm so distracted by all the great peeps online. # Good morning – I need a reboot, had a[…]

Unspoken Expectations or Just Shrewdness?

I was reading in Luke 16 this morning. It was about a parable Jesus gave. I’m not going to explain it here, you should really read it for yourself. But as I finished it I was feeling encouraged but didn’t know why. As I was journaling, I realized that recently I was feeling kinda guilty[…]

Chocolate Cake

Alexis wrote the following on her blog, Technically Grown up . To comment and read her original post Click here. List of words Emma says: cat, kitty, dog, chair, car, no, dada and ball. Notice how mama isn’t on the list. Yeah, she knows me by mama and if anyone tells her to come to[…]