This past week’s summary

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  • Attempting to plow through some Sunday work :( – and then Small group! #
  • Wet jeans are no fun to work in. #
  • Ok people, I didn't wet my jeans, the dryer didn't dry my jeans, so that's that. #
  • Yep, it feels like a Monday… confirmed. #
  • Super busy day at work, and attempting to deal with "life stuff" in a gracefully truthful way. #
  • Wow, tonight's message @easthillfamily exactly what Alexis and I needed to hear, we will rise, Christ has conquered the grave & we stand! #
  • Off to the dentist for a cleaning, and probably a scolding b/c I haven't had my wisdom teeth taken out yet.. :( #
  • Ready for tonight? We are! #
  • It's Friday – this has been a strange week – but things are moving forward thanks to some stirring! #
  • Dwelling – in a good place, g'night world. #

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