Seattle Vacation Pictures

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It felt weird typing the word ‘vacation’. I guess it is, but family doesn’t constatute a vacation for me. It’s like another home, so yeah. Today was a mello day so the pictures will show. I’m enjoying my time here and will be happy to be home in Portland too. :)

Does this mean I'm vintage?!!

Does this mean I’m VINTAGE?!

Aunt Jamie and Emma

Aunt Jamie and Emma trying out Jamie’s new hermonica.

Our day consisted of many BBQ Chips

Our day cincisted of many BQ chips

Snuffy Snuggly shoes

Snuffy Snuggly Shoes


We’re having a great time here and Emma is being spoiled out of her royel head. We’re coming home with a handfull of goodies, and even more to be opened on Christmas Eve. I’m relaly looking forward to Thanksgiving and the days after- Welcome Christmas!

Right now I’m watching Emma in her froggy pj’s being smothered in the face with a lamb. Oma is wonderful. I have to say that both Mielonen girls miss Trav and look forward to seeing him Tuesday. Good night!

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