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  • I will have a good day, I will, I will – Gray monday or not. #
  • Sometimes it just takes a good friend to tell you what you already know, in order for you to act on that knoeledge. Beautiful redemption. #
  • If all people could just understand the awesome power of forgiveness, grace, and love – for those of us who know, that's our job! #
  • RT @komonews: Want your very own 'Schrammie'? Ken's putting one up for auction this week @schramburger your own award! #
  • Excited for change, ready to take on the world, literally, figuratively, spiritually – it is done. #
  • Discipline burns, whether it's exercises of the body, heart, mind, or spirit. Yet we all know the amazing benefits, clarity and growth. #
  • Making allowances for other's faults is hard, but living in shame is hell. Walk above, address the truth, and live in grace. #
  • At 7:24am, April 9, 2008, Emma Eileen was born! Happy Birthday Emma! #
  • Happy Birthday Emma! #
  • Tragedy in #Poland the history of their president is pretty remarkable:,, #
  • A good article on the significance of the Polish plane crash. #

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