Tuesday’s thoughts

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Don’t you keep gourds on your books in the kitchen? Thought so, me too. It makes me feel like I have food readily available although I will never use this gourd. It’s too old. Can’t imagine it actually tasting good. So I’ll keep it on top of my cook books making me feel inspired when I look at it.

I was out yesterday picking up Trav from Max and noticed a beautiful shrub. I love shrubs. Weird name though, wonder where it comes from. They are beautiful all year and make a yard feel full. Some,  I grant you, should be extinct. But most are nice. I took a picture of it and a pretty plum colored blossom it was producing.

We are traveling to Seattle tomorrow dropping off Emma to Oma’s and then Thursday to Baldwin, Michigan. Really looking forward to it. Up until recently, I haven’t let myself be excited about it because it was in the future. But now it’s in a couple days and…it should be great.

I’ve been having dizzy spells a lot more than normal…I would appreciate your prayers on that. Not only is it annoying but makes me worried a bit. Have a great week and I’ll talk to you next week, when we get back!

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