my birthday!

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i had my birthday and not i’m 2! i had a nice party. it was fun. i had an ice cream cake and opened presents with my friends.

here is my cake, isn’t it cool?! it had ice cream AND cake in it. 🙂 thanks mom and baskin robins.

here i am with a wand that makes sound when i push a button. i feel like a real princess!

i also got this bunny. isn’t she cute?! i liked to put hair clips on her fur.

here i am about to blow the cake. i’m wearing the skirt uncle eric’s gave me. i love the mini jean skirt, thanks!
by the way, a new things i’m into are lions. i love them and how they sound. sometimes i walk around the house on all fours and growl like one. it makes my mommy laugh. so i’m guessing i’m not a very scary lion. i have madagascar but i think we need lion king. 🙂

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