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  • I could have slept many more hours, many more. So, how will yesterday's learnt lesssons be applied today? #
  • Paying attention to the color of train one boards is important. Red is not blue, nor is The airport Gresham. #
  • New blog entry: When projects control your mind #
  • Although I stayed up far to late last night, I'm ready to contribute to my tasks at hand today. A little artificial energy might be used. #
  • New blog entry: Lunch time thoughts #
  • @ Test tweet :) #
  • Alrighty, lets see if I can power through 75+ upgrades! #
  • Oh, how I love self-made projects that turn into hours and hours of learning! #
  • I like the sun, don't you? -waiting for the bus- #
  • This is so true – even for men, well men like me: #
  • Having fun waiting in the Max congo line to Loyd Center… power outage. #trimet #
  • Emma playing outside in the wonderful sun. #
  • @Pastor_Jas agreed! Was a fantastic message for all! in reply to Pastor_Jas #

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