Language and funds


Well the holidays are not the best time to start raising support, but hey what is God’s timing is His timing right? We will be going to Los Angeles next week for a support raising seminar that Foursquare Missions International (our sending agency) is putting on. It is three 8 hour days of focus on raising support for the mission field. We’re excited, even though fund raising is not a fun thing at all for us; we’re hoping this seminar changes that for us! We’ve figured that if 200 of our donors averaged $35 a month, starting now, we would have 100% of our deployment funds by next fall, and at that same giving rate, have our full field budget as well! See support details here.

The other area we are focusing on is language acquisition, knowing Polish well enough to have a conversation (even if it means some clarification is needed) is our goal. We try to use Polish as much as possible in our home and with Emma. In January we hope to begin lessons with a friend in Poland using skype!

That’s all for now folks, keep us in your prayers and always feel free to ask questions, it’s not easy to cover everything in tweets, Facebook, blogs, etc. We’d love to have dinner, desserts, or coffee with any of you too!

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