This week’s thoughts.

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  • At Laurel Hurst park enjoying friends and a picnic :) #
  • Anyone got anything to help my brain get online? #
  • Another Max train stuck in the tunnel?? :( Might be time for a bus. #
  • Took me about an hour and 35 min to get from the office door to my house door… But my wife made me a fantastic dinner! ;) #
  • Just got home from picking Zach up at the airport! Happy times. #
  • Wow can't keep things straight today – time for coffee. #
  • my imap connection on my phone works for gmail – just not the webmail…. #
  • gmail works from igoogle as well… hmmm. #
  • And it's back! (gmail) we can now resume. #
  • I have yet to ride a new MAX train… hmmm #
  • Really, the train has changed destination in route? Boo. #
  • Really sleepy, g'night world. #
  • Day number two w/o my alarm, I swear I set it – must have turned it off. Glad for flexibable sched! #
  • Noon already!?? #
  • This will be a very exciting day! #
  • Finally I get to ride a new MAX train! Good ending to crazy day! #
  • Spending the weekend with my parents – and again next weekend… crazy I know. #

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