One of those days

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Today was "one of those days" a day where your thoughts are filled with everything except the task at hand. My thoughts were consumed by how to "make right" the stupidity I expressed to Alexis yesterday evening. Which I am reminded I can't "make it right" I can only do the right thing. So I find myself very humbled and in God's grace – again.

I have a lot to learn in this area but I think this is one of the biggest lessons. The bottom line to the conflict is my inability to manage some of the differences we have in organization, and the underlying frustration caused by it. I love her more than the problem, so why do I get so frustrated by the problem? It's hard for me to identify any "fears" or any causes other than "I don't like it".

In the end I believe I need to let God address each thing on its own – as I feel any level of frustration, as I notice things, I need to take it to him and move acccordingly – and deny my fleshly thought of "it's not fair".

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