Technical Difficulties

My blog  is experiencing technical difficulties and I’m on pins and needles on whether it will come back. Lucky for me, I am married to a techie so he’s calling support and speaking a different language just to make it so I can see my blog and log in. Hopefully I will see it sometime tomorrow night. Ah, for the simple things of life again. OK, as dramatic as I’m being, I AM frustrated. So, people who read REACH POLSKA, you will be getting my undivided attention until it comes back. Sorry…if you don’t like me. But if you don’t, go read someone else’s blog. 🙂 And if you are feeling bored you can always go to EMMA’S BLOG! She would love to see and meet all of you. She is one adorable little kiddo. 🙂 Don’t forget to post a comment, she LOVES comments!

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