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Fall day

I am enjoying today. It started off pretty rough…that will go unexplained, sorry. Anyhoo, things gradually got better. Emma’s snuggles can warm the coldest heart, I watched a movie while she slept, found out we are invited to Trav’s Halloween party and we are going out for dinner tonight. Nice huh.

Now besides the light kinda shallow things that happened, I am trying to motivate myself to get certain things accomplished. I’m not sure that will happen…it’s hard and mainly feels overwhelming. I don’t know what I would do with a huge house…either have a nervous breakdown or hire a maid. I know you understand and aren’t judgmental. Thanks. List of things to do  still: Fold laundry(worst part of laundry in my opinion), finish cleaning Emma’s seat, tidee up Emma’s room with her (which could take forever at a 1 yr olds pace), run dishwasher, make Emma dinner and leave for Young adults group tonight. (Trav is speaking)

Things I did and am happy about today:

I am VERY happy Emma is taking a long nap, we went outside and strolled in our neighborhood (quite relaxing), watched Kate&Leopold (cute movie but my favorite are the girls dresses in the end), finished dishes, found friend that started blogging and I’m appreciating the cooler weather, scarves and jackets.

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