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After talking with my mom on the phone, I felt like I had kinda slipped from doing the cool things Emma and I used to do together. So, I decided that we would start doing fun things today. Small things are just as memorable as big events. In fact I have great memories of my family hanging out in the kitchen laughing so hard I would pee my pants…ah the good ol’ days. :)

Today we had manicures. She had a beautiful Sparkle Pink and I had a French manicure. She ADORED it and loved seeing the color being painted onto her finger nails. She even begged for two coats! I stopped it then because she wanted three- this girl is hard core. I must say that even though my fingers don’t look horrible, I can’t wait to visit my mom and get a REAL manicure and pedicure. It is the best girl time. Well, that’s it and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I need to branch out of my colors I think

Emma wanting 3 coats

This is showing Emma’s begging in wanting three coats of polish! Check her blog out for a different perspective. :)

Emma and my fingers


Emma's hand

Emma, me and the polish

Try this with your daughter, sister, cousin, niece. It makes such a great memory. :)

Black and White

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