Chocolate Cake

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List of words Emma says: cat, kitty, dog, chair, car, no, dada and ball. Notice how mama isn’t on the list. Yeah, she knows me by mama and if anyone tells her to come to mama she runs to me. But she just doesn’t say it-stubborn little thing.

Friday I made a chocolate cake. But not just any chocolate cake, it’s called ‘The Best Chocolate Cake Ever’. This is hard for me because I don’t like chocolate. Yes, you read that right, I just don’t like the flavor. Anyhoo, everyone else really liked it and had big pieces. You can go here to find the recipe. It’s NOT from scratch, so it is possible to quickly make this for a dinner party like I did. I made the butter cream frosting from this blog. Enjoy the pictures.

There is half a cake left over and I won’t eat it. (my chocolate comes in the form of tortilla chips) We need to have people over to eat it fast! Check out my giveaway! Tuesday is the deadline- all you have to do is comment! It’s that easy!!

I'm not a big fan of icing so I added it sparingly.

I’m horrible at icing. Really bad, so this is the only picture I will give you showing the cake as a whole. I messed up the icing- like really bad. So even though it tasted really good, it was messy to look at.

I handed out pieces twice the size of this and they were eaten quickly. They said they liked how moist it was.

Care for a bite?

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