Unspoken Expectations or Just Shrewdness?

I was reading in Luke 16 this morning. It was about a parable Jesus gave. I’m not going to explain it here, you should really read it for yourself. But as I finished it I was feeling encouraged but didn’t know why. As I was journaling, I realized that recently I was feeling kinda guilty about making new friendships with the thought that they could encourage us in the future in Poland. I was feeling, I guess, like I had unspoken expectations. But as I finished reading the chapter, I was encouraged to realize that Jesus wants us to be looking always to the future and on being shrewd in our business= including heavenly missions he gives out to families.

I don’t know if this makes any sense to you…but it’s helping me make sense of some feelings I didn’t know how to express. I love friends. And I mean LOVE. We are fortunate to have so many here, and as the time ticks down for us to move…we are still making strong relationships. What I want most out of the people and friends is encouragement and prayer now and in the future. I don’t know how I’ll be feeling 2 yrs from now, but now I would sure like some courage. Courage to face the future and calling in the face and know that since God has called us- we can do it. We will not fail with Him. And also, with you- our friends.

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