Confused by Portland/Poland?

18716509307.jpgWe’re not confused, we know Portland is not Poland… The road to Poland for us has been marked with false starts, heartache, and frustration.  So here’s why we’re still in this, why we will make it there.  God called us.  Maybe he’s calling you to help us with the following:

Monthly budget

Living expenses: $3,455/month

Ministry expenses (language school, travel, document renewals, teaching materials, etc): $1,602/month

Once we’re receiving our budget (of which some could be reduced and added later as ministry needs change) then we’ll be able to go within six months.  One of the primary reasons for needing to be fully funded BEFORE we go is because of the VISA restrictions in Poland/Europe, as it is very difficult to obtain the proper VISA without having a full time job (from a non-Polish employer), two years of living expenses in a savings account, or an organization such as our missions organization providing a way for people to support us.

Poland is a much more expensive place to live than other places for missionaries, it’s also deeply in need of trained cross-cultural ministers who are aware of the “grave yard” effect Poland has on missionaries (Poland has the 2nd highest “drop out” rate of missionaries who return home after two years, just behind the middle east).  After two years it’s possible for us to begin earning with some part time work, but only after the first two years (which is when we would get our temporary residence).  There is still a small opportunity for Travis to work remotely but we really feel he will need the availability for ministry (the real work) and language school.

We’re currently at 51% (as of January 2013) of our monthly budget raised, which means we’re receiving $3,095.70/month (or should be, there’s a quite a few pledges still not actively giving).

If we’re fully funded in January 2013 (so we’re already behind our goal) that means leaving in June 2013 (our goal at this point)!  Get all the details on our full budget (subject to change by reducing the ministry budget) here.

To sign up and begin on the 1st of next month – click here.

Thanks for your sacrifice and understanding!

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