Invading light

I once had a vision about the streets of Kraków. I was standing in the main square (pictured above) looking down Floriańska Street, one of the main walking streets leading to the main square. I remember I was prompted to close my eyes and begin praying. As I prayed I felt a warm breeze begin[…]

World’s tallest Jesus statue completed in Poland

World’s tallest Jesus statue completed in Poland Shared by TravisM Maybe this statue will cause some questions? Maybe… A 52 meter high statue of Jesus Christ has been completed in Świebodzin, western Poland – dwarfing Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer by some 16 meters. Click here for the original and full post

Language language language

In realty it’s all about location, location, location. In missions it’s all about language, language, language. Language is an incredible thing, it’s the substance of cultures and the wall between them. One of the key items and first hurdle for us is to learn and hopefully master Polish. Of course we know this will take[…]

Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy Shared by TravisM We are very glad to be a part of a church family which embraces Advent Conspiracy, in both local and global projects! Learn more at! Click here for the original and full post

Does this look like the Church?

Does this look like the Church? Shared by TravisM My buddy Marcus describes our heart and intention for the Polish Church right here. It’s also our heart and goal for our Church here at home and around the world! Spend any time in Christendom, and you’ll hear evangelical pastors talk about wanting to establish an[…]

Small Churches = Big Impact

Small Churches = Big Impact Shared by TravisM Makes sense to us, and is similar to our thoughts on expanding the Church in Poland… Brandon O'Brien, associate editor for Leadership Journal, has written a new book, The Strategically Small Church. In this work, he seeks to demonstrate how small churches are uniquely equipped for success[…]

Ready to bid?

See what you can get for your donation! Below we have linked to some online albums of the items we will have available as your gift for differing suggested donations. To make a “bid” on an item pictured in one of the albums/catalogs below, simply leave a comment (you’ll need a Google account, sorry) with your[…]

Speaking at SLOT festival

Speaking at SLOT festival Shared by TravisM Can’t wait for the day Alexis and I finally get to goto the SLOT fest! Slot Festival begins in a few minutes. Great to see thousands of young Polish here. Speaking schedule: Wed 3pm Eastern Tent. Debbie and I will tell stories of our 3 months in[…]

Human trafficking in Poland

Human trafficking in Poland Shared by TravisM The more news we read about Poland the more needs we identify. Social justice backed by the full grace and truth of the Gospel is the answer, very carefully orchestrated so that if we disappeared the work goes on. Experts estimate that several hundred persons are trafficked a[…]

Schindler’s Factory

Schindler’s Factory Shared by TravisM Can’t wait to visit this new museum and learn more about Kraków’s history. We’ve been near the building many times, glad to see they have utilized it. Krakow’s Historical Museum opens a new exhibition on the Second World War, housed in Schindler’s enamelware factory. Click here for the original and[…]

Gingrich on nine days that changed the world

Gingrich on nine days that changed the world Shared by TravisM Looks like a documentary we might want to see. Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, in Poland for the premier of his new film about Pope John Paul II’s 1979 visit to Poland, says he hopes the movie has a[…]