Trip to Seattle

Recently we were in Seattle for about two weeks, catching up with friends and family.  One of the things we did was meet with Jeff Roper the Foursquare Missions area missionary for Europe, pretty much he’ll be our “boss” once we leave next fall for Poland to live there! We took the oppurtunity on our[…]

Moving forward

Another quick update, we are in the process of finalizing with Foursquare what our ministry in Poland will look like.  We are excited and looking forward to the months ahead.  We have a lot of faith steps to take, however we are so thankful for our church family, our friends, and all of the support[…]

REACH Polska…. The next mission…

It has been a few months since we returned from our last mission in Poland in October, 2008. It was a learning experience that we will never forget. From the exhausting flights and layovers to sickness and injury then to miraculous healing and building of new relationships we gained a new desire for the Nation[…]

Kraków mission – accomplished

So I’m finally able to relax a bit, nothing is planned for tonight and I’ve done enough thinking and processing about our trip that I can finally put most of it into words.  In general I feel good about it, we spent significant time with people, creating new relationships, building up our existing ones, and ministering[…]

Fundraiser dinner canceled

Hi Everyone,   Due to the small number of people able to attend our fund raiser this Friday, we have decided to refocus our resources into (hopefully) a more productive campaign.  The event we had planned for this Friday is canceled.  Stay tuned for the next couple of days while we re-work a new fund[…]


We are not the self-promoting kind of people, in fact, it is so hard for us to ask for donations, ask people to hear our hearts, yet all at once we know people won’t see it until they hear it. So we humble ourselves and keep a constant focus on fund raising. It is very[…]

Grand opening – Welcome!

Welcome to REACH Polska, this new blog/website is the home of all things related to our family and Poland missions. I’m sure there will be some tweaks, so explore, take a look, leave comments, and stay tuned for much more content. For your information we now officially have 5 people joining us on our October[…]