Invading light

I once had a vision about the streets of Kraków. I was standing in the main square (pictured above) looking down Floriańska Street, one of the main walking streets leading to the main square. I remember I was prompted to close my eyes and begin praying. As I prayed I felt a warm breeze begin[…]

World’s tallest Jesus statue completed in Poland

World’s tallest Jesus statue completed in Poland Shared by TravisM Maybe this statue will cause some questions? Maybe… A 52 meter high statue of Jesus Christ has been completed in Świebodzin, western Poland – dwarfing Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer by some 16 meters. Click here for the original and full post

Language language language

In realty it’s all about location, location, location. In missions it’s all about language, language, language. Language is an incredible thing, it’s the substance of cultures and the wall between them. One of the key items and first hurdle for us is to learn and hopefully master Polish. Of course we know this will take[…]