Floods, landslides wreak havoc in southern Poland

Floods, landslides wreak havoc in southern Poland Shared by TravisM Poland’s isn’t out of flood trouble yet. A lot of our friends are in these regions, thanks for the prayers. Heavy rainfall in southern Poland has brought rivers back up to alarming levels, with continuing landslides and a bridge collapsing. Click here for the original[…]

Poles distrust entrepreneurs

Poles distrust entrepreneurs Shared by TravisM Seems like a lot of distrust has been built up over the years. The comments on this story say a lot. Almost eighty percent of Poles believe that Polish entrepreneurs are thieves, cheaters and swindlers, shows a survey by PBS DGA. Click here for the original and full post

Church attendance down in Poland

Church attendance down in Poland Shared by TravisM Some numbers which may be interesting to some people. Nothing surprising though from our own observations and conversations with people. Congregations in Poland are falling, says a new report by the Polish Roman Catholic church. Click here for the original and full post

Unique Online Museum of Lost Cultural Heritage

Unique Online Museum of Lost Cultural Heritage Shared by TravisM 75% of art and other historical artifacts lost durring WWII. Poland’s history is full and rich, I hope to explore this online museum a lot even if it’s all in Polish. The Online Museum of Lost Cultural Heritage will be launched this weekend as part[…]

What will we do?

The number 2 question we get, is “what will you do there?”, this is right behind “why?”. So, below is a brief answer to to “what”. Why, is already answered, in detail, on our “why Poland” page. Our number one motivation for doing ministry in Poland (in fact any ministry we are involved in), is to help[…]

The circle of Christian life

One of our strongest values we hold dear to our hearts, one that we feel is God inspired, and God entrusted to us, is to be always focused on the strengthening of God’s Church.  We believe that all people, who have recognized the forgiveness of God in their lives, are called to leadership in the Church.  We believe that[…]

National Tragedy

Today the citizens of Poland experienced a national tragedy of significant size.  You can read an excellent article about the plane carrying the Polish president, which crashed and killed all aboard. The toll cut a swath through Poland’s elite. The 97 dead included the army chief of staff, the head of the National Security Office, the national bank president, the[…]

Trip to Seattle

Recently we were in Seattle for about two weeks, catching up with friends and family.  One of the things we did was meet with Jeff Roper the Foursquare Missions area missionary for Europe, pretty much he’ll be our “boss” once we leave next fall for Poland to live there! We took the oppurtunity on our[…]

Moving forward

Another quick update, we are in the process of finalizing with Foursquare what our ministry in Poland will look like.  We are excited and looking forward to the months ahead.  We have a lot of faith steps to take, however we are so thankful for our church family, our friends, and all of the support[…]

Details details

Sometime we wish we could hire (or better yet, find a very nice person to donate some time) to take care of the details of fund raising, reconciling accounts, and communicating with our support network.  We have a lot of details to get through, and sometimes the job is smaller than we imagine, it just[…]