REACH Polska…. The next mission…

It has been a few months since we returned from our last mission in Poland in October, 2008. It was a learning experience that we will never forget. From the exhausting flights and layovers to sickness and injury then to miraculous healing and building of new relationships we gained a new desire for the Nation[…]

Details details

Sometime we wish we could hire (or better yet, find a very nice person to donate some time) to take care of the details of fund raising, reconciling accounts, and communicating with our support network.  We have a lot of details to get through, and sometimes the job is smaller than we imagine, it just[…]

There are no words

There are no words for me to describe what happened today, our God is so loving.  Even though we walk through valleys, even though our closest friends face surmountable challenges, His faith in us does not waver.  The favor He has shown us, our work in Poland, and us as a couple, keeps us humbled.[…]

Fund raising update

We’re VERY close to our next big hurrdle!  On Monday we must pay the remaining balance of our airfare on five of the 7 tickets we need.  We are short by $406, and we have 3 days, we lose our deposit ($3,370) if we don’t pay the remaining balance by Monday.  The last two tickets[…]

A dream

Last week I had a dream (in my sleep) that when I received the next account balance it was over $7,000, I’m believing it, and holding on to it.   I rarely remember my dreams, and this was fairly vivid. Another kind of dream that I have, is that our ministry never be there to support[…]

411 more donations needed

This is a very rough count, I haven’t added up all the eggs yet.  But we’re around the 56 donors mark.  We’re gunna need to ramp this up folks!  That’s it, just a quick update, more official news coming soon!

$15 makes a difference.

Hey Friends!   Well the first (partial) week of our $15 challenge brought in 20 donors!  How many more this week?   We just need 447 more donors (of just $15, or more), pass this along to your missions friends, family, churches.  We have $6,455 more to raise/contribute.  Remember this is for the team, not[…]

457 $15 donations to go!

We’ve had 6 nope 10 people donate or pledge so far and it’s been basically just a day since we started this campaign.  Thanks!  The amazing (strange) thing is that for the most part some of our largest, and most responsive donations have come from people we don’t have much contact with… now that could be taken as,[…]

Fundraiser dinner canceled

Hi Everyone,   Due to the small number of people able to attend our fund raiser this Friday, we have decided to refocus our resources into (hopefully) a more productive campaign.  The event we had planned for this Friday is canceled.  Stay tuned for the next couple of days while we re-work a new fund[…]

We’re leaving on a jet plane…almost

Well we have made the deposit on our airfare, we need $4,755 more and we’ll have it all paid off!  That’s better than the $8,125 we needed just two weeks ago!  We are so thankful to God.  We need the remaining balance by September 15th… so we are praying, and seeking God’s will, on finding the rest.  If we[…]

Attention Portlanders

Just a quick reminder, that YOU and anyone you think may want to come, is invited to our Polish dinner and dessert night.  August 15th, 7pm, Gresham, OR – East Hill Youth Center West (50 NW 5th ST, Gresham, OR) Come to pray for our team, listen to our hearts, see what we are doing[…]


We are not the self-promoting kind of people, in fact, it is so hard for us to ask for donations, ask people to hear our hearts, yet all at once we know people won’t see it until they hear it. So we humble ourselves and keep a constant focus on fund raising. It is very[…]